TeaBag Them All is a friendly and awesome Battlefield 4 tournament where multiple clans are playing against each other in a single round. It’s like a friendly get together where you can just have fun and play with your mates. Therefor everybody is welcome. In the tournament you will find really skilled players but also noobs. Even if you're alone or maybe even without a clan, you're welcome to join and maybe you will find a group you like in here.

  • January 3 8PM UK
  • February 7 8PM UK
  • March 6 8PM UK
  • April 3 8PM UK
  • More coming up

We start at 8PM, be on teamspeak 15min early so we can sort the teams out and get you the info
  • All weapons are allowed
  • All play styles are allowed
  • All skill levels are welcome
  • No baserape
  • No personal attacks, racism or abuse in chat
  • But most important, HAVE FUN WITH YOUR MATES
Signup will be available soon
Join teamspeak at 7.30 PM GMT
Click here to instantly join the teamspeak or connect to ts.teabagthemall.com with password teabag